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Welcome to Properly Done where doing thing how people expect them to be done is what we specialize in. We provide the best education and technical service. Establishing and meeting expectation and the right customer service are the goals we focus on.
Established in 2007 to provide training and networking services we began our online training in 2012. What started as an extra income and curiosity about how other schools provide their training, as well as the challenge to setting up and supporting the networks of small businesses on a part time basis after work has turned into a full consulting establishment. By simply doing things the way our clients expect them to be done has continued to be our best marketing strategy. We provide the following:
Our primary classroom and online classes focus on providing training to ensure that our student graduates can perform the work that Microsoft state that employees with the MCSE or MCITP should be able to perform after becoming certified.
Students who are only seeking to be certified without possessing the skills needed to perform each job tasks are told to join other schools that cost less and have shorter training. We do not expect our graduates to intern with companies to learn what we should have taught them.
We focus on giving our students the training that is expected of us and providing employers with the skilled employees they expect.

Lead Trainer

Howard Phipps

My qualification includes the following:
Certified Technical Trainer +,
Microsoft Certified Trainer,
Licensed New York State teacher
Microsoft Certified Professional plus Internet
Microsoft Certified System Engineer
Microsoft Certified Trainer
Certified Technical Trainer +
Certified Novell Administrator
A + Certified
Cisco Certified Network Administrator
Linux + Certified

I’ve always loved teaching and computers and have been teaching and networking computer since 1999 when I became a Microsoft Certified trainer. By always testing the new way of doing things I’ll always combine the best of what works to offer the highest standard of training based on adult learning principles. As a result our training materials are engaging and user-friendly. We also test the students to ensure that they both understand the concept and can perform the appropriate skills.
We design accessible, flexible and straight forward learning management systems. We do not have students buy books in which neither the trainer nor the student really know what the author really means. We customize training materials to meet business expectations and provide both instructor-led classroom-training as well as online training.
We provide step by step instructions and video demo for new software being marketed to the public.
We install, maintain and upgrade network hardware and software including clients and server operating systems. We also identify and solve desktop, server and networking issues for all clients on a contractual basis.
We work with all Microsoft operating systems as well as Redhat Linux and Centos.


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