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Remote Desktop/Terminal Services or The Cloud

I can't hand over copyright and patented content to the Cloud, but software for my mobile users require expensive laptops.  Can I still use Microsoft?

You can set up your own private Cloud on Linux, but if all your servers and system engineers are Microsoft-based there is no need to change operating systems. Microsoft has always had Terminal Services that allow client machine with very little processing power to log into a server and run application using the processing power of the server. Although Microsoft has only been promoting the Cloud for their Microsoft 2008/2012 Servers, they did not remove the technology that allows these Servers to do the heavy processing for these less powerful client machines that are referred to as thin clients.  This means that you can set up your Microsoft Server as an Application Server and have your mobile users log into it and do their work. Your copyright, patent, client lists, employees work, and everything else can remain on the server so even if one of your mobile users lose their laptop your company information will still be safe. Naturally you will be using the SSL protocol to secure the communication between the server and your employee’s laptop, iPad, iPhone or whatever else they are using. Just make sure your Application Server has sufficient memory, CPUs, hard drive space, (note that RAID is recommended) to handle your mobile client needs.
Under its new name which is now called Remote Desktop, client machines can run applications on Microsoft 2008/2012 Servers, so the big question now is, "Will this become a legacy application if the majority of small to medium size businesses are willing to give up their client information and their privacy? Should we expect Microsoft to keep this feature even if their Cloud System is successful?  I believe that Microsoft will keep this feature.  If they don't then company owners with enough common sense that do not want the competition to know their client lists, trade secret, copyright contents and other information that would reduce or eliminate their profitability would immediately start switching to Linux. We've already seen how the inconvenience of requiring Internet connection to authorize Windows operating system has encouraged the iPhone and iPad purchases and have motherboard companies such as Asus being shipped with their own mini operating systems. I suspect that Microsoft new CEO recognize by now that although they are a monopoly, if they fail to provide what the consumer wants someone else will, so Remote Desktop is likely to continue. Click the picture below to see how to configure the Window 7 client to access the company server.



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