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Whole Food vs Processed Food vs Refined Food

What is a Whole Food?
The Good

A whole food is one that is natural, like a green been, nuts, banana and cherries. They have not been changed in any way. If it has been changed from how it was grown or naturally created, by bees in terms of honey, or grown in terms of a banana or apple, then it is simply not whole food. These are the healthiest food.

The Bad
Watch out for Genetically Modified (GM) food which are not natural and definitely not healthy. Some supermarkets use labeling to identify Genetically Modified food using a numerical system. Most food recalls and death from food looking similar to whole food are from Genetically Modifying these food. To avoid cancer and other health related problems in the future you need to understand what these numbers represent.

What is a Processed Food?
The Good

Processing food are any whole food that has been changed. When you boil you beans and cook your food you process it, so it becomes process food. Obviously some food cannot be eaten unless you cook it so you are unlikely to avoid process food, but there is nothing wrong with cooking your food, it's still healthy. Unless you add unhealthy ingredients to your whole food it still remains healthy after you cook it.
The Bad
Most Process food that are sold in the supermarket have unhealthy ingredients added to them to either extend their shelf like so that they can last longer without spoiling, or to make them taste better. They'll bleach sugar and flour to extent their shelf life, and soak banana and potato chips in cheap unhealthy oils loaded with trans-fat. You'll not intentionally choose to add bleach or trans-fat to the food you cook for yourself but somehow you'll eat it in food you purchase from the supermarket. Yes white rice is bleached and so is white flour. We've recently taken a look at high fructose corn syrup and rejected it, but why aren't we reading the other unhealthy ingredients on labels. It's just a matter of walking to your kitchen and fetching the boxes or bottles, coming to this website and typing each ingredient in the search box.

What is a Refined Food?
Bad Only

These foods are so processed you would not be able to recognize which whole food they represent unless there is a label or a picture on the box. White sugar does not look like sugar cane, cornflakes does not look like corn. Crackers could be anything. These food are normally void of all natural nutrient. Different drugs which includes vitamins are sometimes added to them  to provide some nutrient as in the case of enriched white flour and corn flakes.

Should we rely on Government Protection Agencies such as the FDA?
In the last couple of years there has been many deaths from food recalls but there has not been any indictment or prosecution. What strength or force has the law been using to protect you? Sure you can sue a company if your relative die immediately after eating. If you manage to survive the corporation's legal team and win they pay and continue doing what they were doing. Still no-one from that company will be going to jail for feeding you poison. If you get cancer while eating it from many years there is now the Obama health care. Taxpayer will help with your expense, but the treatment is very uncomfortable and you'll not enjoy like to its fullest.

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