Doctors, Scientist and Medical Professionals
What do the really think?

When they are not being paid to promote companies products

These pages were put together by extensive research. I am not a doctor and therefore I use an educated common sense approach. If you doubt any of the information I suggest you do your own additional research on the topic. If you find the information factual but upsetting please do not get upset with the FDA, the Government or the messenger presenting this page, instead I recommend you immediately change your eating and drinking habit.

All US food packages have a list of item on them under a label called ingredients. The food you eat and the water you drink are crucial to your health and how comfortable you feel on a daily basis, so it is important to know exactly what you are eating or drinking.  You can chew and swallow those hard to pronounce words you don't understand at your own risk or you can look them up here or elsewhere.

To the immediate right of each health page you will see links to  the Food Additives and Preservatives list from A to Z and 100 to 1520, as well as the other health pages.

If the person who buys your food speaks a different language than English use the translation button at the top right of the page to translate the page for them. Just click TRANSLATE then click the language you want and wait for the page to be translated.


Health Page List

These health pages are for information only and not intended to replace your doctor
Some pages were researched by
Kim Stewart – BA Philosophy, BSC Honors
BA Environmental Management & Policy

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