Drinking Water!

Drinking Water!
What is it?

For centuries dating back to our creation, we had pure water fall from our sky everyday in the world feeding the life that lived on it. Pure Water should be one part hydrogen and two parts oxygen – Pure H20. 200 years or so of polluting our skies has given us polluted rain water, containing whatever they send up in chimneys. We must now turn to distillation to obtain pure water. Our bodies cannot take the pollution just like our natural living environment – earth.

Going by all medical references in the world, the benchmark for pure water is distilled water. We put distilled water into our batteries and irons so they may live longer. This is the same reason we need to be drinking distilled water as well.

Health and longevity scientists have done extensive research into the prevention of disease and increasing the average human life span. After studying the five regions of the world where people live up to 140 years, they have concluded that the water we drink, the air we breathe and the foods we eat on a daily basis are the very key to our state of health.

It is not surprising that longevity scientists say the human body should live over 120 years if supplied with pure water and essential nutrients everyday in a healthy living environment. Why is it that we are living to 75 years for males and 80 years for females in Australia?

We are not getting a pure water supply and our diets are mainly processed or heated food, these things contain nothing for the human body to achieve true health. Only through pure water and healthy eating habits of fruit and vegetables can we start to achieve true health.

Water’s primary function is to ensure a healthy environment in the body by hydrating all our cells. This allows nutrients to pass into our body cells to perform essential functions and for toxins and waste to exit the cells.

Dr. Carrel was awarded the Nobel Prize for proving that body cells are immortal. He proved it by keeping chicken heart tissue alive and vibrant for decades. His secret was to keep the cells nourished and cleansed. All living cells produce waste. If the waste accumulates, the cells age and die.

If the waste is flushed and the cells are re-hydrated with pure water then cells provided with essential nutrients can retain their vibrancy indefinitely.

Providing your body with pure water may keep you living longer and feeling younger as well as looking great .

Most people are not aware of what types of water there are and what these types of water can do to the human body.

There are at least nine different kinds of water.

Some kinds of water can harden your arteries, form gall stones and kidney stones, bring on early senility, and all the following diseases – arthritis, cataracts, glaucoma, loss of hearing, diabetes, obesity and emphysema.

Other kinds of water work in reverse. What one type of water carries into the body, the other carries out. Unfortunately, most people are drinking the water which carries contaminants into the body.

The basic nine types of water are hard water, raw water, boiled water, soft water, rain water, snow water, filtered water, de-ionized water and distilled water. All water is water obviously but eight of these waters have a distinct nature that can be harmful to the human body. Only one is actually good for the human body and can help you obtain True Health.

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