Failure to spend the 2 hours of your life watching the videos below could result in you or your loved one ending up addict to, or dying from drugs

Part 1 (9:31)
Mental Disorders Diagnosis
Psychology Manuals Origin
Psychology Curriculum

Part 2 (11:52)
Marketing Good or Dangerous Drugs

Part 3 (13:50)
FDA and World Requirement and Regulation
Effects on Children
Conflict of Interest

Part 4 (9:42)
Cost of Drugs
Pushing Drugs in Medical School
Using Free Samples to Hook People

Part 5 (13:35)
Listing All Side Effect is not required in Any Advertisement
Print, Talk and Public Media
Promotion of Drugs everywhere including school books

Part 6 (14:09)
Convincing Children and Adults to take drugs through screening
Does Mental Drugs ever help?
Mandatory Screening for the less fortunate Foster Children
Is Drugging the Army causing Suicide?
Drugging Pregnant Women
Drug Programs Bankrupt Texas Medicaid and Prison System

Part 7 (14:45)
How the drug works
Drug makers listed side effects

Part 8 (14:48)
AddictionDrug Addiction for Street Drugs vs. Prescribed Drug Dependence
Children getting high from other children’s Prescribed Drug
Killing Spree and Prescribed Drugs Withdrawal

Part 9 (8:56)
Non-Addictive Treatments
Unnecessary Treatment

Videos Part 1 to 9 (1:51:08)

If you do not see the video Press F5 or “Ctnl and r” on your keyboard to refresh the screen

The request to share this was made by the California Center for Health Improvements (CCHI)
A Prevention-focused, Health Policy Center

These videos are intended to Prevent drug Addiction/Dependence and do not cover steps to get off drugs after you’ve been addicted.

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